Mighty Fin

Mighty Fin 2.1.2

Swimming for survival

Mighty Fin is a touch-based arcade game that has players controlling Fin through a variety of levels. View full description


  • Excellent gameplay
  • Great design
  • Lots of replayability


  • Difficult levels can get frustrating
  • Small collision issues


Mighty Fin is a touch-based arcade game that has players controlling Fin through a variety of levels.

Collecting coins and golden orbs for multiplier points, Mighty Fin is a simple, but addictive universal iOS app similar to Tiny Wings.

The visuals of Mighty Fin are among the finest for iOS. Presenting a crisp, cartoon-influenced style; Mighty Fin has a look all to itself. The different levels all have a personality of their own, from a regular ocean to candy rivers and even swimming through a Japanese woodblock painting complete with shuriken-throwing ninjas. Launching Pad Games did not forget about Fin because there are more than sixty collectible costumes in Mighty Fin that can be found while playing.

Mighty Fin also presents one of the best soundtracks. Each level has a distinct theme and visual flair and the audio accompanying them is perfect. The soundtrack in Mighty Fin never gets boring and adds to the casual tone of the early levels and the more calculating and difficult later stages.

Gameplay in Mighty Fin is as easy as you get. Pressing the screen will guide Fin to dive down and completely removing a finger will cause Fin to breach and jump in the air. Varying pressure will control Fin below the surface to guide him through the different obstacles. Mighty Fin presents one of the smartest difficulty curves of any iOS app.

Mighty Fin casually guide players through the basics in the early stages before presenting more varied levels along with different environmental puzzles to conquer. The basics of Mighty Fin are the core in each level, regardless of the difficulty of the level.

Besides the main campaign, Mighty Fin has other gameplay modes like Survival and Endless allowing players to really test their abilities.

Mighty Fin is one of the best universal apps for iOS. The style of Mighty Fin works well on smaller screens, but to fully appreciate the design and fun, Mighty Fin should be played on the iPad.


  • Update includes six antipodean-themed costumes and disguises, including:
  • A Kiwi!
  • A rugby ball!
  • An Australian flag!
  • Just head left in the souvenir shop!
  • Some folks have been seeing crashes when loading the game. Sorry about that! This update is designed to guard against that happening. (But remember, restarting your iPhone/iPod/iPad will fix 99% of issues with ANY app. Just hold down the power button on the top and slide the 'power off' slider.)
  • A very rare bug meant that a few unlucky people were seeing empty levels. That should be completely fixed now. (Please let us know if it's not!)
Mighty Fin


Mighty Fin 2.1.2